Strong, effective leadership is more than managing projects.  It’s owning and driving a vision forward from conception to operational reality; relentlessly confronting challenges head-on while building, strengthening and empowering the Team.  Knocking the ball out of the park is the way we do business.  Nothing makes a Team stronger than consistently Winning.


Growth demands change.  Be confident in your organization’s ability to decisively plan and flawlessly execute any project or initiative that your business demands.  No matter how large.  No matter how complex.  Mastering the art of highly complex, large-scale change is a core competency at Blaze Interfaces.  We provide large-scale project leadership & management from conception, through execution & stabilization.


Vision, purpose and focus are essential to adapting and winning.  Great things can only be accomplished by truly great teams.  With a strong, solid, motivated team, anything is possible.  Growing, empowering and retaining rock-solid talent is a passion, and we’re very good at it.  We help you move your business forward, screening and vetting candidates, vendors and service providers ensuring the team you build and develop will be the organization that makes your business succeed.  We partner and participate with you in strategic planning, organizational development & structuring, meeting & retreat facilitation, executive & leadership coaching and mentoring, candidate interviews, key presentations, fundraising and procurement.


Breakthrough education is the purest form of human empowerment.  Teaching is a calling, and we resoundingly answer that call by providing some of the best technical instruction on the planet.  The best teachers obliterate doubt and confusion and make highly complex concepts and technologies perfectly understandable and completely masterable.  They make learning interesting and fun, and they make it look easy.  We offer superior instructor-led education, training and workforce development that will solidify and embolden your team as they meet the challenges you face today.  Our classes and workshops are hands-on, “roll up your sleeves and jump in” highly participatory events.  Our seminars specialize in new and developing technologies to keep you current and informed on the fluid emergence and evolution of the science that powers and protects your business.


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